Idb Invest Strengthens Peru’s Agricultural Sector With Financing To Danper Trujillo

Farming’s an equipment-intensive activity, so investors can gain exposure to the sector by making investments in equipment manufacturers with an agricultural focus. Many firms are involved in the production and sale of fertilizer and seeds, and investors will want to determine how much of each firm’s revenue is actually derived from agriculture, as some also service a number of other sectors. Among the publicly-traded companies selling fertilizer or seeds are Nutrien Limited and The Mosaic Co. . PriceSmart operates 49 U.S.-style membership shopping warehouse clubs in 12 countries and the U.S.

It carries out farming operations in more than 21 valleys in the coast and highlands of Peru, offering a dignified job to over 6,500 workers and providing ongoing development opportunities for its human capital, farmers, suppliers and nearby communities. Its agricultural production encompasses over 5,000 cultivated hectares in the regions of La Libertad, Ancash, Lambayeque, Piura, Puno, Cuzco, Ica, and Arequipa in farms owned by Danper itself or by third parties. The company has 9 industrial plants with the highest quality standards for the processing of fine vegetables and fruits, either canned, fresh or frozen, as well as dry grains and specialties. For Danper, Social Responsibility is a powerful and effective tool to create value for its workers, suppliers, clients, and shareholders, and thus generate the sustainability of the company, the region and the country. More speculative investors may be intrigued by the idea of directly investing in commodities, hoping to take advantage of price changes in the marketplace.

Investing in companies in the agricultural sector

Many companies provide the infrastructure that moves crops from the farm to the local grocery store. Among those that transport, process, and distribute crops are Archer Daniels Midland Co. and Bunge Limited . As with equipment manufacturers, some of these distributors only derive a portion of their revenues from agriculture-related activities. Three of the largest industries are companies that sell fertilizer and seeds, farm equipment manufacturers, and crop distributors and processors. Many of these firms also engage in such supporting activities as distribution, processing, and packaging.

Supporting Industries

Danper Trujillo is the only Peruvian company in the sector that is working on the sustainable management of the water basin where it operates, and today it is the only Peruvian company that is certified by the Alliance for Water Stewardship Award . How to ensure that the influx of agricultural investment supports opportunities for individuals, smallholders, businesses and institutions. Good practice on the overall approach to consultation, engagement, and partnership with local communities, to bridge gaps in information and expectation between communities and investors and to generate the social license to operate. If this sounds appealing, you should first determine whether the fund invests in agriculture-related firms or invests in commodities. Also, keep in mind that many of these funds have exposure to other sectors along with agriculture.

Data and research help us understand these challenges and set priorities, share knowledge of what works, and measure progress. Timothy Li is a consultant, accountant, and finance manager with an MBA from USC and over 15 years of corporate finance experience. Timothy has helped provide CEOs and CFOs with deep-dive analytics, providing beautiful stories behind the numbers, graphs, and financial models.

Farm Reits

In particular, CARE will support companies joining theCall to Actionwith technical assistance to ensure that a gender-based lens is applied to new programs and investment. Grupo Mariposa is a Guatemalan food and beverage company with operations throughout Latin America. Grupo Mariposa will provide more than 70,000 neighborhood stores (‘tiendas’)—which serve as important community hubs—with access to credit and digital tools to improve administrative management. It will support 3,500 small and medium-enterprises with access to telemedicine, education, and internet connectivity, impacting more than 200,000 people and expanding healthcare and telemedicine solutions to 2,000 remote communities.

  • Guidance to investors and governments on land-based project elements that can be considered as private and those that are in the interests of the public and therefore should be disclosed.
  • JDE Peet’s, the world’s largest pure-play coffee and tea company, is a long-standing partner of USAID.
  • In many developing countries, the share of agriculture and the food system in the economy is large and critical to the livelihoods of billions.
  • The National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange is one of the top commodity exchanges in India based on value and the number of contracts.
  • What tools government agencies can adapt to their national context and use to develop the technical capacity to screen and select investors .
  • The increase in production that Danper Trujillo will carry out with IDB Invest financing will be achieved sustainably by using optimal agricultural practices and cutting-edge drip irrigation systems, minimizing water consumption and the application of fertilizers.
  • Full details and publications of the joint UNCTAD-World Bank research program on responsible agricultural investment can be obtained at the Inter-Agency Working Group website.

Like investing in any type of ETF, investors should carefully consider each ETF’s management fees and the performance of the index that the fund tracks. Buying a farm can require a large capital commitment and the time and costs of operating or leasing a farm are often substantial. Fortunately, investors have many other means to gain exposure to the sector beyond sinking money into a farm. More information can also be found in theinitial Fact Sheet announcing the Call to Action on May 27. More information about the Partnership for Central America can be found at The Partnership can be contacted

How To Invest In Farming Without Owning A Farm

So if you’re more interested in making a pure farming or agriculture investment, you’re likely better off going with other types of asset classes. Investors also have access to an assortment of publicly-traded companies that operate in the farming sector. These companies range from those that directly grow and produce crops to those working in a variety of industries that support farmers. In addition, Mastercard, Microsoft, and Nespresso—who announced initial commitments in May—announced further action in the region. As a result, businesses and social enterprises have invested more than $1.2 billion in response to the Vice President’s launch of theCall to Action. Guidance to investors and governments on the importance of occupational health and safety policies, programs, procedures, and processes that follow good practices.

Investing in companies in the agricultural sector

The company engaged more than one hundred thousand individuals in soft technical and digital skills training. Guidance to investors and governments on land-based project elements that can be considered as private and those that are in the interests of the public and therefore should be disclosed. Ways to monitor the performance and impact of agricultural investments, and which aspects to observe. IDB Invest financing will also strengthen the local value chain by integrating 132 small and medium-sized farmers into their raw material supply system. Additionally, it is expected that some 5,040 new jobs will be created in the next three years, mainly in areas with high poverty rates and high unemployment rates, both permanent and seasonal, and of which 2,690 will go to women. The increase in production that Danper Trujillo will carry out with IDB Invest financing will be achieved sustainably by using optimal agricultural practices and cutting-edge drip irrigation systems, minimizing water consumption and the application of fertilizers.

In May, the Partnership for Central America launched as an independent non-profit to mobilize investments and coordinate private sector projects in support of the Vice President’sCall to Action. The Partnership is working to coordinate coalitions of partners in digital, financial, health, education, and energy programs to support more than 15 million people across the region. Today, the Partnership announced that Ajay Banga, Executive Chairman of Mastercard, has assumed the role of Chairman of the Partnership and Blanca Treviño, President of Softtek, Latin America’s largest IT firm, has assumed the role of Co-Chair. Each note examines a specific issue –such as women’s empowerment, land rights, or technology transfer.

Good practices for reducing gender inequalities and empowering women to make a positive contribution to development through agricultural investments. How to ensure that agricultural investments respect existing land rights, both formal and informal, and thereby avert land disputes. Resources which can be consulted and used on responsible agricultural investment, in addition to the notes. LIMA, Peru – IDB Invest, Investing in the agricultural sector the private sector institution of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, has signed a loan of $20.7 million to finance the Peruvian company Danper Trujillo. The loan will increase its agricultural production, implement cutting-edge technology in its industrial processes with an emphasis on achieving efficiencies in water and energy use, as well as develop two fruit processing plants for export.

Large-scale investment by the private sector constitutes a part of countries’ development strategies. These notes seek to ensure that such investments are conducted responsibly, maximizing benefits and minimizing risks. Moreover, the practical knowledge they provide is also pertinent to smaller-scale investments and public projects. In many developing countries, the share of agriculture and the food system in the economy is large and critical to the livelihoods of billions. It is thus essential to ensure that all investment in the sector, including by large-scale private investors, is attuned to local needs and operates responsibly, in line with international good practice. When done responsibly, boosting the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of agriculture can help fight poverty and help achieve several Sustainable Development Goals , such as those aiming at ending hunger, ensuring decent work, and attaining gender equality.

Cargill has operated in Central America for more than 50 years, with 10,000 employees working in the region. As part of theCall to Action, Cargill will invest an additional $150 million over the next five years with the intention of improving farmer livelihoods and building economic resilience in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The company’s investments will aim to create jobs and support producers as well as micro, small, and medium enterprises in the protein and animal nutrition supply chains.

Top Agriculture Stocks For Q2 2022

In addition, it will invest more than $10 million to grow its coffee footprint, creating more than 500 new jobs and supporting more than 400 small and medium-sized coffee producers to increase productivity and earnings potential. Grupo Mariposa will expand this program to create the conditions to eradicate multi-dimensional poverty with support for employees and their families to reduce their debts, pursue entrepreneurship, and access education and healthcare. In May, Mastercard committed to bring 5 million people in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras into the formal financial economy and to digitize 1 million micro and small businesses. In addition, Mastercard has partnered with Walmart to enable access to credit for underserved citizens, and with Accion to digitize agricultural value chains and drive stronger financial inclusion for small shareholder farmers in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. PepsiCo is a global food and beverage company with a long-standing presence in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. PepsiCo directly operates its food business with a regional manufacturing hub in Guatemala, employing over 4,000 people directly, and generating at least an additional 6,800 indirect jobs through its supply chain.

Investing in companies in the agricultural sector

Thomas’ experience gives him expertise in a variety of areas including investments, retirement, insurance, and financial planning. Convene public forums and facilitate discussions on challenges, trends, and progress toward aspired social impact goals. The following seven companies and organizations announced major new commitments today,alongside three companies and organizations who joined the Vice President in May who announced further action in the region. Guidance on how to support the development and transfer of technologies to local smallholders and communities. Ways that investors can provide effective remedies to affected parties who perceive that their rights have been adversely affected by investment activities.

This is the second operation carried out by IDB Invest with this company, whom it considers a strategic partner in the Peruvian agribusiness sector for its commitment in its operations to environmental, social and gender equity sustainability. The information is presented without consideration of the investment objectives, risk tolerance, or financial circumstances of any specific investor and might not be suitable for all investors. While some ETFs and ETNs give investors exposure to a specific commodity (such as corn , livestock , coffee , grains , cocoa , and sugar ), others offer a basket of commodities. As an example of the latter, the Invesco DB Agriculture ETF invests in corn, wheat, soybeans, and sugar futures contracts.

As a result of this increase, JDE Peet’s will allocate a total of $2.7 million over the next four years, to expand the reach of its Common Grounds Program in the region. The Coffee Alliance is a public-private partnership among USAID, JDE Peet’s, CoHonducafe (Honduras’ largest coffee exporter), the CoHonducafe Foundation, and Grupo Cadelga (Honduras’ largest agricultural input supplier). The increased contribution from JDE Peet’s will enable the Coffee Alliance to reach 10,000 additional smallholder coffee farming households, doubling its active footprint in the region.

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Cargill will also contribute at least $10 million over three years to partnerships that directly support farmers and farm communities, and improve food security through community nutrition and school meal programs. Cargill’s new commercial and philanthropic efforts will expand support for more than 19,000 farmers, 52,000 MSMEs, and more than 25,000 children and community members in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. This includes support for USAID’s Guatemala Entrepreneurship and Development Innovation Initiative for small businesses owners, which the Vice President announced in June. CARE is a humanitarian international organization that has worked with State, USAID, and DOL. CARE is announcing a $50 million Center for Gender Equity in Central America focused on women and young people and designed to reach 500,000 individual women and their families, impacting two million people in total. The Center will support public and private programs in the region—scaling up those that work—to support financial inclusion, women’s economic empowerment , improved agricultural outcomes, and reductions in gender-based violence.

They are also of value to other stakeholders, such as civil society, communities, and partner country governments. The UNCTAD–World Bank ‘Knowledge Into Action Notes’ series provides evidence-based advice on the implementation of responsible agricultural investment. Each note provides information, tools, and guidance to governments, investors, communities, and civil society for their work in sustainable and responsible development in agriculture.

There Are More Ways To Invest In Land Than You Think

The negotiation, design, and implementation of community development agreements between investors and local communities. How to screen and select prospective investment projects to ensure they maximize social, economic, and environmental benefits while minimizing the risks. What to consider when selecting an appropriate business model for an agricultural investment. We provide a wide array of financial products and technical assistance, and we help countries share and apply innovative knowledge and solutions to the challenges they face. There’s also the iPath Bloomberg Agriculture Subindex ETN , which invests in corn, wheat, soybeans, sugar, coffee, and cotton futures contracts, and the Rogers International Commodity Agriculture ETN , which invests in a basket of 20 agricultural commodity futures contracts. When investing in mutual funds, investors need to consider fees and past performance, and compare these to those of ETFs, for example.

Building upon that announcement, PriceSmart is committing to additional support of GEDI, and this support, alongside other GEDI partners, will reach at least 500 entrepreneurs with business support services to help them grow and create jobs in areas of high out-migration. The company announced its first-ever coffee sourcing from Honduras and El Salvador, with plans to increase activities in the region for the next harvest season. This is part of the company’s commitment to support the region’s economy with a minimum of $150 million to be spent across coffee purchases, price premiums, and technical assistance by 2025. Microsoft catalyzed the development of digital access training centers, clean off-grid energy, and broadband access covering a population of 1.1 million people.

While you can gain exposure to commodities just by purchasing futures contracts, there are also a number of ETFs and exchange traded notes that provide more diverse access to commodities. After all, whether the overall economy’s in a recession or booming, people still have to eat. Because of this, many investors regard agriculture and farming investments as being recession-proof. Further, as the world’s population increases, farming will play an increasingly important role in sustaining global societies. The investment is intended to support roughly 500 employees at each location and increase indirect job growth in Honduras and in the United States, particularly in the U.S. cotton industry across 18 states. The investment also includes $24 million in new investments in solar energy, water recapture, and energy efficient HVAC systems.

Unfortunately, there are a limited number of publicly-traded crop production firms, which include Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. , Adecoagro S.A. The closest that an investor can get to owning a farm without actually doing so is by investing in a farming-focused real estate investment trust . CARE International, Cargill, Grupo Mariposa, Parkdale Mills, PepsiCo, JDE Peet’s, and PriceSmart announce commitments to support economic development in northern Central America, as part of a conference convened by the State Department, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Partnership for Central America to support investment in the region. Guidance that investors, civil society, and governments can follow to engage youth in participating in agriculture.

Nespresso aims to support the local economy with a minimum of $150 million spent across coffee purchases, price premiums and technical assistance by 2025, more than doubling both the number of coffee farms it works with and total coffee volumes. Nespresso is now working with over 1,200 farmers through its AAA Sustainable Coffee Program in Guatemala and is sourcing coffees from farms in Honduras and El Salvador for the first time in the company’s 30-year history. Nespresso will also pilot an innovative crop insurance program designed to help protect farmers against the effects of climate change during next year’s harvest.

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