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Expanding deposit and transaction volume outside of their physical footprint without opening new retail branches is a tremendous value driver. For regional banks and credit unions looking for growth opportunities, a Banking-as-a-Service playbook or division keeps them relevant and can help get them to the next level. Apart from these tech giants, other established companies on BaaS scene are Cloudboost, Back4App, which uses an open-source Parse backend framework initially developed by Facebook, and BaaS pioneer Kinvey. As of today, backend-as-a-service is an expanding market, set to grow to USD 28.10 Billion by 2020, at a growth rate of 84.2% per year by some estimates. Use your desired features of the Kumulos platform as required to find your perfect balance and create the solution to fit your business needs.

Both sides benefit from deposit, card spend, and transaction activity conducted on online/mobile devices without the need for physical stores or branches. DRaaS is hosting a replication of your environment off site by a third party with the ability to failover and failback. This is a highly specialized task that was previously only available to large enterprises.

I have plenty of experience as a developer, but this was my first mobile project. Here you can set up the cloud within minutes, run the tests on thousands of real devices, and access real-word analytic data. Release & monitoring include analytic tools for analyzing the user behavior and tracking the app performance. The user can also get testing, remote configuration, and distribution instruments.

Way Backup As A Service Solutions Benefit Your Company

Let’s take a look at a real-life example of how a startup built its SaaS platform with a backend-as-a-service provider. Taking advantage of a BaaS provider, you no longer need to do routine coding. This will help you free the resources and use them to focus on the business side of the application.

  • Taking advantage of a BaaS provider, you outsource and automate the backend development.
  • For example, the creation of a Log in and Log Out page is present on almost every website and it makes a lot of sense to automate your creation.
  • If the connection is interrupted, you risk having a corrupted or incomplete backup—which would be incredibly stressful if you ever needed to restore.
  • Companies working with BaaS providers have the potential to save on large upfront investments before onboarding their first customer.
  • BaaS is ideal for casual games, but its functionality isn’t designed to handle complex scenarios and heavy graphics.

Use this feature for integrating geolocation into an app for businesses with a local presence. BaaS is ideal for casual games, but its functionality isn’t designed to handle complex scenarios and heavy graphics. If you are working on a great demanding game, not saying about augmented & virtual reality gaming, we recommend considering other models. With BaaS, you get ready-made APIs and SDKs from a reliable company. There is almost no need to do boilerplate work and read & maintain tons of weird coding.

What Is Baas Backend As A Service With Examples

BaaS is one of the most popular and fast evolving delivery platforms for cloud services. Growth will be driven by application-driven economies worldwide and the indispensability of mobile applications in the creation of economic value. Apps also have an impact quite large in the industries as a whole and bring changes disruptive in business and processes. The concept of mobility enterprise revolves around applications and virtually all organizations are investing in mobile applications to increase mobility.

Backup as a Service is an excellent way to ensure data safety. Think of BaaS as an insurance policy—only it’s better in some ways. It’s there to protect you if your data becomes compromised, and it’s a way for you to get back up and to run quickly, even if you lose your physical device.

Here are the examples of applications that can be constructed with the help of BaaS. The common feature of these applications is their typical functionality. Its framework can be bought from BaaS vendors and then customized by a developer according to your needs. The main thing for a startup is to find a product-market fit. This is an unpredictable process with lots of cuts and tries. The only to shoot the moon is to experiment by testing different hypotheses and releasing MVPs.

what is baas

BaaS is an essential part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for many organizations as it supports business continuity, helping them avoid prolonged downtime and loss of revenue and reputation. For the enterprise, it might be a supplemental backup in addition to other modes, but for SMBs, it is usually the only offsite backup solution. SMBs don’t always have an in-house tech department, so choosing managed services is an excellent way to run lean and maintain a high level of protection and availability. By outsourcing to a BaaS provider, SMBs employees can focus on their jobs, not on running data backups. Most enterprise companies maintain a full-time IT staff to oversee and maintain backups, but SMBs don’t always have the resources to support that.

Improved Data Security

On the other hand, DRaaS is the perfect option for IT teams that are looking to get out of the business of managing their own datacenter as well as an extra DR datacenter. Because recovery includes infrastructure, security, and system state restoration it doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting on their part. Multiple activities are taking place and being managed via API between a platform and the end-user. Functions that impact collecting/screening personal data from customers, and requirements necessary to fulfill regulatory obligations based on the Bank Secrecy Act, US Patriot Act, and ongoing monitoring. In order to financial products (i.e. deposit accounts, debit/credit cards, loans), some mix of licensing and registrations are needed at the federal and state levels. The time, costs, and process for application approval is lengthy, expensive, and uncertain.

what is baas

At a fundamental level, you’ll get real-time backups that can be used to restore files, images, or the entire system as needed. Premium backup services, like multi-location or multiple account capabilities and metadata backups, are available for high-volume clients with more complex data. Most do not provide full backups, and they may not be able to restore your site—even if it’s their fault. Under theShared Responsibility Model, individual account data is the responsibility of the individual user, not the platform.

Features Of A Good Baas Provider

It is a serverless backend for building data-driven applications. Here you can find the tools for handling tasks for management, access, synchronization, and manipulation of the data from many sources. A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Mike Potter is the co-founder and CEO of Rewind, the leading data backup and recovery provider for cloud and SaaS data. While studying Mechanical Engineering at McMaster University, Mike began his start-up career as the founder of, one of the most popular sporting websites in Canada. Since founding Rewind in 2015, Mike has focused on building a company culture that values and respects employees.

With its out-of-the-box solutions, a startup saves hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on software development. It can use the saved resources to study the market, develop the business side, and look for investments. And if the try isn’t successful, the money loss is not so critical for the company. Using BaaS, you outsource cloud infrastructure management to your partner. Doing it by yourself, you will have to spend a lot of money to install and manage.

what is baas

An executive leader is needed to spearhead this movement within the bank. You have to decide if it is the one that best suits you, which will give the best experience to your users, who are within the financial expectations of the one who pays the bill. RapidAPI – a back-end platform that allows data recording and API integration.

Catalyst In Working With Banking Partners & Providers

One such feature is that it is equipped with a tool that allows you to price up app development on the basis of feature requirements and usage estimates. There is an emerging trend in mobile application development, that people are calling backend as a service , also known sometimes known as mobile backend as a service . The majority of today’s banks lack the tech infrastructure and agility to deliver a modern financial services platform virtually. Struggling with legacy architecture, banks point prospective firms to technology vendors that provide APIs for back-end integration to apps & websites. In bridging the bank, technology partner, and others (e.g. payment & card networks, Know Your Customer vendors, card printer, etc.) — a program manager is needed. BaaS vendors and platforms vary in terms of these responsibilities, with some only having a tech-focus and others an all-inclusive platform .

A high level of dependency between the BaaA and your application. Vendors’ service, you will get the corresponding SDKs instead of doing the same thing several times. Currently, the USA holds the biggest BaaS & mobile BaaS market share. Look for vendors that specialize in your niche as they are more likely to understand your unique needs. Do some research to see how happy people are with their service and to look for potential red flags.

For example, the creation of a Log in and Log Out page is present on almost every website and it makes a lot of sense to automate your creation. There are many others examples of common repetitive activities in applications such as email notification, social media integration and notifications Push. In general, these services have their own API and need be incorporated separately into the application. Creation demands a lot time and effort and can be automated with the use of a Baas . Backup as a Service helps companies avoid data loss and data disasters by automating the backup process and ensuring there is always a clean backup and a simple method of restoring lost or corrupted data.

Easy Access To Data

This is a legitimate way for the industry to offer something ready that makes it easy for those who are not a programmer or who have a hard time, or who still need something fast. Obviously it is something with a higher cost than if you decided to do it on your own and it is less flexible. But it can come out cheaper if you count all the work to do something specific, if you count that it can come out badly done, have security flaws, and have other difficulties. Clear that everything can go wrong, BaaS is not silver bullet, nothing is. In 2020 there will be about 20 million developers in the world and this will become one of the professional groups that will grow the most. O developers will be divided between 140 thousand startups, 230 thousand systems development companies and various other company.

Here at Kumulos we are proud to be a part of the backend as a service ecosystem. We help app developers to manage basic data retrieval and storage, data querying, binary storage, data security and authentication. The backend as a service ecosystem has risen to prominence in recent months, fuelled by a rapidly increasing demand for data storage and consumption via mobile devices and tablets.

One of the main objectives of BaaS is to automate activities repetitive and avoid using developers to perform low value added. In this way, the hours allocated to the development of a software project are restricted to tasks complex and high value-added and that cannot be automated. The total cost of developing a backend can be reduced by up to 80% from the use of a BaaS and development time of the backend can also be minimized.

Later, it needs to expand, adapt to the market realities without losing its quality. With BaaS, you can use your provider’s resources for scaling up and down without a lot of extra investments. There is no need to change the application — you request more computing power or upgrade to a higher plan. The more complex your app is, the more time it takes to fix any issue. The developers have to concentrate on developing new features, and there is never enough time for the bugfix. It leads to a quick duct tape solution and the growth of technical debt.

For non-fintech platforms, embedded banking and finance is pushing forward their decision process. Companies with high volumes of users and payment activity via digital channels stand to make considerable gains in switching to Banking-as-a-Service. Existing customers that are loyal to these companies with monthly payment/purchase activity would be more likely to create new accounts and use branded cards. ‘New-to-banking’ platforms may look to start off with more of a referral-type program with financial institutions, in which potential clients are sent directly to a bank for account opening . In this setup, a platform hands-off the customer and has no other obligation in managing/servicing a banking relationship. The downside comes with limited revenue potential and no way to customize the bank’s digital experience.

BaaS is a relatively recent development in cloud computing, with most BaaS start-ups dating from 2011 or later. The global BaaS market is estimated to grow from $216.5 million in 2012 to $7.7 billion in 2017 from a report published by MarketsandMarkets. 1001 Dubai is an e-commerce startup helping supermarkets, pharmacies, and convenience stores to service their clients directly. The company offers an application and backend order management system for their customer’s internal use. By offloading the responsibility of data backup to a third party, businesses can save on employee time and resources. From the moment you open your email to the time you finish up work for the day, you’re using some type of technological device or software.

Some are more concerning than others, but if it means your site is down or your productivity has halted, the result is the same. As long as you have an internet connection, backups run as configured and are ready to restore at a moment’s notice. Fast, full recovery of both data and infrastructure are an imperative generally dictated by industry regulations or client requirements. The top two most important reasons organizations are leveraging DRaaS instead of managing their own secondary data center is cost efficiency, resource sharing and freeing up internal IT resources. The Kumulos Mobile Engagement platform has been designed to acquire, engage, retain and convert your users.

Even if the developer can code for iOS and Android, it is difficult to develop a scalable backend for the app. Creation of both the front end and the what is baas back end of the app should be considered separately. Here you can create low-code lightweight microservices for data and features integration.

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